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Dear Diary: It would behoove you to let me update you more.

Two of these things are not like the others.

We are now 4/7 Mythic in Emerald Nightmare after taking a ride down Struggle St. Apparently progression is gated behind how much free time people have to spam Mythic+ thanks to Blizzard’s amazing loot system. Considering how most of us are not full-blown losers who watch cute anime all day while doing “+2 carries,” we had to suck it up and walk in the foot-steps of the one true weeb god who tanks for us. Fortunately we managed to catch up this week with some solid kills on the gear-check bosses. (This may or may not have coincided with our GM being out of town xD).

Looking forward we’re excited to push for finishing the instance in the next few weeks and eye-balling another top 100 US placing, but with how stupid this launch has been with regards to time required in game farming herbs & Mythic+, we’re just focused on keeping a good pace for ourselves rather than breaking our sanity to place well with the unnecessary time-sink Legion has been.

We are ACTIVELY seeking an Enhancement Shaman or Ret Paladin for our roster. Apply if you are one of these and we promise a good time. Just don’t play Ele Shaman or our Raid Leader’s unbridled wrath will fall upon you with each individual Chain Lightning spell you cast.

Remember the taste of freedom all ye who enter the cold embrace.

Thanks Blizzard!

It’s almost time. Time for exhilarating new content the likes of which haven’t been seen since raid gear was gated behind 3 month rep grinds and doing something as simple as changing specs or talents was just a bit of gold or a vendor item. Hopefully everyone is ready for the party and not planning on playing offspecs in a viable fashion! Also, it’s a good thing hearthing is down to a 15 minute cooldown so that people can switch between single target and cleave talents. Forking out hundreds or thousands of gold per attempt so that we can swap talents inside the instance is stupid so we’re just gonna waste time in between progression pulls by going to a city! 👌👌👌

Now that Summer is over, we’re recovering from the Summertime blues(see also: everyone quitting or going on vacation). Several of our longtime and newer raiders have hit the old dusty trail and freed themselves from the bonds of virginlorddom. We’d like to thank all these awesome dudes who were not only key to our success this expansion, but also made our players strive to not be dogshit:


We’d also like to give a massive shout out to Bury. We know things got complicated, misunderstandings happened and feelings were hurt, and we stand on opposite sides of the bridge now, but you got us off the ground when we started fresh in November and took a ton of shit to the face in order to do it. We may not even be here right now as Good Talk if you had not taken the helm then. So despite what the situation currently is we are grateful for everything you’ve done for us in Despotism and Good Talk. Cheers.

So moving forward, we plan to hit the ground running to be the best 2-night guild in the U.S. Bliz may be stacking things against us as a more casually-inclined guild, but we’ve been recruiting talented players and making lots of plans for how we will be more competitive than ever before, while still not turning this game into a side-job. Hardcore raiding in 2016 LUL. Sweetleaf and Eppi have stepped forward as officers and our core raiders have been putting in work to ensure we’re ready. We are definitely going to be playing a higher level than ever before. Except maybe Koso.

With that said, good luck to everyone in Legion! May all your memes be spicy and your sins be forgiven by Harambe’s noble sacrifice.

Mounts, Sales, and Gold Rolls. Oh my.


It’s been a long time since we had a front page post, it’s almost like we never changed GMs. Then again, Bury was mia from raids for 3 weeks, so I guess maybe it can be considered tradition now? Anyways, how about a guild update…

We are no longer <Despotism>. We killed Mythic Archimonde back in November and decided to reform. After much deliberation and voting, we renamed under the banner of <Good Talk>, irregardless of how much Angrygnome was whining about guild names. We’ve been clearing HFC every week since our original kill. Since then, we’ve discovered that in actuality, Iskar is the true final boss, but we attribute that to drunk tanks and ele shamans.
Congratulations to everyone who has been able to sit through mind-numbing weeks of farming HFC to obtain their mounts! We are now officially selling them! Contact Yasmir for prices on them, as well as other things we sell for in-game gold and items. Don’t cancel on him, though, or you may have to relocate your family.
We are currently prepping for Legion, with many people playing Alpha, testing classes, and totally not capping artifact power with bugged chests. We plan to have a lot of things in place for Legion once we reach Summer in anticipation of it releasing hopefully this year. We’ll be seeing a lot more competition as 2 night raiding guilds are increasing in number as more and more people realize they can’t stand playing the game more than twice a week, but like any addictive substance breaking the habit is about as hard as taking Fel Surge to the stack point. (Almost impossible) We may have been 2nd at the end of HFC for 2 night guilds, but we’ll bounce back with greater dedication and veracity to bopping bosses to take back our top spot. Expect us. Until then, we will continue to log in once a week to fill our pockets with gold and then watch Jnkz leave raid with far less because goddamn he just loves giving us his gold.
Recruitment is not currently open, however, we will always consider amazing players looking for a light raid schedule. Or people for Rilos to abuse. No one is safe anymore. Also, trying to make a long post on here without it getting squished into a small shitty paragraph was impossible. Enjoy your awkward lines so that the wall of text doesn’t screw your eyes. <3

Mythic Archimonde Down! US #92

Well we finally got Mythic Archimonde down.  Missed about 3 raid weeks of progression due to Blizzcon, people traveling, add random excuse here.  Wasn’t a clean kill, but first kills rarely are.  See video for a Prot Warrior PoV.  If you listen closely you can hear Daedus scream as he dies (Hint, it’s right around the 6:42 mark). Congrats to everyone on finally clearing out this expansion.  Time for the entire guild to re-roll as Demon Hunters I guess…

Mannoroth’s Dead, Working on Mythic Archimonde

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.Mannoroth at 0 Percent This is not the kind of thousand word message you want to read when…two people in the raid are alive.  That would have been a heartbreaking wipe. Mannoroth Bad Eppi Which, fortunately, it wasn’t.  Though a few mistakes turned that attempt from potentially a clean kill to a nail biting kill.  And while I’m happy that Eppi was one of those two clutch people at the end, I’m also annoyed he’s trying to turn into a giant bird and hog up screen space, so we’ll wipe the slate clean by cutting him partly out of the picture (yes, the screenshot sucks, I was trying to zoom out too much).  Fair is fair, right? But hey, we killed Mannoroth after 208 wipes and technically we’re at our overall highest ranking in our history (US 70th)…though what will actually matter is the Mythic Archimonde ranking.  Still need to deal with him (from all accounts he’s a pretty easy boss, right?). Very happy we killed Mannoroth prior to the hotfix nerfs to Helstorm and really hoping we kill Archimonde prior the ilvl upgrade nerfs.  I suppose we’ll have to see how long until that patch comes out — I was really wanting a new grind, though (no I wasn’t).  I remember all too well the days of getting an item in Siege of Orgrimmar and not even being able to use it until it had been at least mostly upgraded (since the previous item in that slot had already been upgraded)…not to mention, y’know, that I’d prefer to kill Archimonde pre-nerf, period. We’ll still accept applications and are potentially interested in another member, but anyone wishing to join us at this point would need to be able to step in and contribute immediately on Archimonde.  Once the tier is cleared we’ll be able to farm (and then Legion is next) which gives us more flexibility for recruitment (cue 13732923 pre-emptive Demon Hunter applications).

11/13M, Mannoroth to <50%

Rather belated official update, but yes, we are 11/13M now and working on Mannoroth.  Killed Xhul’horac about two weeks ago once we figured out how to not combine the colors in the wrong spots. Mythic Xhul Tyrant was obviously a very different fight (like, oh, the lack of 1279321789342 adds during the encounter) that I, at least, found more enjoyable overall.  We took her down last Sunday night. Mythic Tyrant So that brings us to Mannoroth.  Spent Monday night working on him and got him to under 50%, looking forward to more progression next week. We’d be interested in a DPS in general, see upper right corner of main page for what we’d ideally like but we have some flexibility.  Mainly looking toward Archimonde at this point.

9/13M, Working on Xhul’horac, LF a DPS or Two

Last week was rough for us — we were down one of our tanks and two of our DPS.  And our “back-up” tanks are DPS as well…which meant we had healers DPSing (our roster has 23 people at the moment, would have still had one healer DPSing even with our “ideal” roster of 24 people).  It was unfortunate but we decided to extend and make what progress we could.  Which wound up being two new Mythic bosses.  So hey, can’t complain. Got Mythic Iskar first — brought back memories of Burning Crusade Lady Vashj a bit (thankfully the Eye isn’t actually an inventory item now). Mythic Iskar Then we proceeded to Fel Lord.  Had a fun <1% wipe, was 167k or something I think, but we only wiped due to mistakes in the last 30%.  Which we then fixed and actually killed him. Mythic Fel Lord HEY, GROM, GET OUT OF OUR PICTURE! We are looking for a DPS right now, might be willing to accept two.  Ideally looking for at least one Death Knight, possibly Hunter or Mage as well.  As always we’ll consider all exceptional applicants…but you’d need to be really, really exceptional and astound us with your application if you’re not one of those three classes.

Gorefiend Was a Lot Uglier This Time Around (7/13M)

So yeah, we killed Socrethar…I’m not even sure what to say.  Think it took five pulls?  We kept thinking during the fight “this is seriously it?”  Let’s just move on. Mythic Socrethar More importantly, we killed Gorefiend!  I remember fervently wishing I got picked for construct duty back in BC because so many people failed at it.  I also remember the mini-game someone made (which was actually harder than the in-game construct).  Sadly, the original website for the game seems to be defunct.   On the bright side, this Gorefiend didn’t possess us in Shadowmoon Valley!  Always a silver lining, right? Mythic Gorefiend Only had a little time for Iskar last week after finishing both of those bosses, unfortunately, need to polish up a few things.  Kind of weird to be expecting several Mythic bosses to die so quickly after wiping in the first two minutes on Gorefiend for so long.  Maybe they’re meant to be “reward” bosses but I think I’d prefer a smoother difficulty curve where we had four 50 pull bosses in a row rather than the current set-up of  a 100-150 pull boss followed by several massively easier ones. We are currently interested in a DPS, with specific preference for Death Knights/Hunters/Mages.  If you’re interested in joining our team then drop us an application!

5/13M, Tied for US 52nd*

*Okay, okay, that’s not really accurate — the point is more that there is a *massive* jump from Kil’rogg to Gorefiend.  135 guilds that are 5/13M, 51 guilds that are 6/13M+.  And of those 51 guilds that have killed Gorefiend, 29 of them appear to be 9/13M+.  So…yeah.  Gorefiend is a massive mid-tier roadblock.  Going to be fun! Now that I’ve distracted you with numbers and statistics and stuff, you’re going to be so confused that you won’t notice that I didn’t post our 3/13M Kormrok kill last week.  This image totally was put in a post you saw a week ago.  That’s what I’m going with. Mythic Kormrok In other news, Hellfire Council went down last week.  And I even managed to end up on top of the DPS meter.  Which immediately prompted comments like “Wow, Balk, all is takes is three targets for you to be competitive!” Mythic Council Kill We also killed Joke’rogg Deadeye in…seven pulls…last week.  Yeah.  And we should have killed it a few pulls sooner.  I’m not even really sure what to say, I think he is literally the easiest boss in the raid… Mythic Jokerogg …moving right along… We’re currently interested in a ranged DPS.  Mage would be ideal, Hunter would also definitely work, may be willing to consider some other possibilities as well.  Come join us and have fun wiping on Gorefiend!

Yes, Yes, We’re 2/13M Now

I’m typing this with the barrel of a gun against the back of my head — the peasants have instigated a massive revolt with outrageous demands like “Update the front page of the website before the first raid of the following week” and…um…yeah, that.  See how awful the life of a despot is? We killed Mythic Hellfire assault first thing last Monday.  Of course, there’s not really a boss per se to screenshot, so here’s a picture of the Twisting Nether on a H Archimonde wipe from week 1. Ooh Pretty
(I just need to stall long enough for my loyal legions to arrive)
Next up was Mythic Iron Reaver.  Took that down as well, but I need to start using that Neural Silencer when trying to take screenshots.  YOU HAVE ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME FOR THE BAD SCREENSHOT FELLOW PRIESTS. M Reaver Looking forward to this week and continuing progression. As always, we’re recruiting exceptional players interested in our schedule.  Would be more interested in the class/specs mentioned in the upper right, but we’re not in urgent need of anything at the moment so we’re more looking for someone who really wows us if we recruit someone at all.  Of course, sometimes trials don’t work out so this could change week to week (meaning you should apply if you’re interested even if it’s solely to get on our “radar”).