Mythic Nythendra

Mythic Elerethe Renferal

Mythic Ursoc

Mythic Dragons of Nightmare

Mythic Ilgynoth

Mythic Cenarius

Mythic Xavius

Mythic Odyn

Mythic Guarm

Mythic Helya

Mythic Skorpyron

Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly

Mythic Trilliax

Mythic Krosus

Mythic Alluriel


Rising against great adversity to down 2 new bosses.

Mythic Alluriel
Nice raid markers, Koso.

I believe that it should be said that there are many things that normal humans cannot handle. Evil demons the size of a building, crazy psychopaths wielding huge swords, scorpions formed from crystals deep within the earth, greasy weeaboos that fill our Discord with youtube links of underage anime girls, liberal hypocrites imposing on the First Amendment because “muh feelings” and they enjoy being offended for other people, trying to schedule officer meetings with Koso, our Paladins having gametime for the duration of a raid, our tanks not having broken gear in the middle of a pull, and on and on. Fortunately we overcame all such difficulties and downed Krosus and Aluriel.

It is very exciting to see all the big guilds finishing the instance, but at the same time it is very disheartening to see many top tier guilds calling it quits. Hopefully Blizzard will realize that being successful at Mythic raiding should not hinge upon how much free time people have to farm Mythic+ or how lucky players are with a completely broken legendary system, but rather upon people’s ability to not be shit. Kind of like how it has been before this expansion. We can only pray that we aren’t fully immersed in Diablo 3 by the end of Legion.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Single’s Awareness day. Daedus got me a gift for it, but then wouldn’t accept the one I wanted to get him. Clearly he is such a selfless person. Hopefully his wife won’t be jealous that we’re Valentines.

3/10 mythic in a shit raid instance


Mythic Chrono


We quickly cleared heroic and then promptly killed the first three bosses on mythic in the Nighhold. I would have expected at least a bit of a challenge here in a new instance, the final of this tier, but bliz decided that they would rather have a few joke bosses and then turn it up to 10 immediately afterwards on the following bosses. I definitely do not agree that the instance should be tuned around having 54 traits, but then again we’re talking about the same people who think that having dazed in the game still is engaging. Other things that are apparently engaging: Bosses bugging out when they walk over grass, trash mobs evading into the ground, hoping to get a legendary to be relevant even after “balancing,” getting fatigue inside a raid instance, bosses being so poorly tested and balanced that more encounters are being completed through bugs, exploits, and cheesing mechanics than actually doing them properly, and having to reroll because a spec is so poorly designed that it is borderline impossible for it to perform it’s intended role.
I like to write “funny” posts, but I’m not even joking about any of it. The only real joke is Blizzard’s Testing Environment.

Recruitment is currently not open, but as always, we will consider stellar applicants. And also all the weird people who ask for guild invites.

Though we may no longer be behooved, we shall always be frank with each other.

Forever ya boy.

We killed Mythic Helya the week before Nighthold, moving back into top 100 US. Well done, chaps. Despite poor circumstances, we overcame hardship to get the job done. Mostly because they broke Starfall.

Our great Raid leader, and long-time raider Sweetleaf has moved on to greener pastures and we thank him for his years of dedication with us. We know he’ll do great, and wish him the best of luck. In his place, Bedlam has stepped forward to take over his duties, and we believe that we can be just as if not more successful. We also wish Bedlam the best of luck, but for different reasons.

Moving forward into Nighthold, we have many exciting changes that we believe will put us in a position to succeed in Nighthold and beyond. Mostly figuring out how to prevent Daedus from getting one-shot. Stay tuned, friends. We are always accepting stellar applicants. Check the recruitment widget for our current interests.

Fire is red, Koso is dull, we suck at dispelling, but still killed Guarm LUL


Congratulations on killing one of the most poorly designed encounters to date. A good progression fight should provide a sense of steadily improving over the course of an encounter, not just playing a mini-game of proximity ass-fucking while juggling hot dildos for 4 minutes. Shout-outs to Frost for the inspiration, and more importantly Denk.

As of a few days from now, we will not likely be recruiting. However, we will always consider superstars.

Have a Merry Xmas, a happy new year, and may all your hot juggling dildos be wrapped with great cheer.

Fashionable Front Page Post About Being 1/3 Mythic


We have conquered the first boss in Mythic Trial of Valor. A grueling test of being able to dodge balls, both visible and invisible, because testing encounters properly is optional at Blizzard HQ. After multiple wipes including taking Unerring Blast in phase 3 because why the fuck not, we completed the encounter. I personally did not, because our warrior tank decided to Tristana me in phase 3 like the giant weeb LoL player he is.

Unfortunately, 2 of our long-time raiders are having to stop raiding after xmas. We’d like to thank Fred and Snoflake for being dedicated to our raid and guild for the time they were with us. RIP in peace the World First Survival hunter Guarm kill. We are currently seeking a resto shaman or MW monk for an immediate raid spot and will also consider priest or paladin for that healing spot as well.

7/7 Mythic Wet Dreams


Shoutouts to Romang, Rolos, and Sweetleaf for being fabulous.

Amazing work, friends. With that, we wrap up this tier and set our sights on the next that unlocks in a week and provides barely usable gear upgrades that are inferior to what we can get from 5 man dungeons. Perhaps we can eventually replace some 850 rings or move our legendary Prydaz necks from our backup spots in our bags to our banks. It’s not like the most geared people on our server just run dungeons and don’t raid or anything.

We are currently putting recruitment on a hold as we evaluate current applicants and trials, but if you think you’re a bangin’ DPS, then drop an app. If you are a spec that requires a certain legendary to be relevant and you don’t have it, then you can fuck right off. There is no excuse for you to not have it. At all. However, if you make your transmog look as good as this we may make an exception.

We killed a boss last week.


So here’s a post with a screenshot. Perhaps we’re a bit slow on progression ranking-wise, but we prefer to have a work-life balance outside of this job game.

We are also recruiting 1 potential DPS. See sidebar or check our WoWProgress page.

Dear Diary: It would behoove you to let me update you more.

Two of these things are not like the others.

We are now 4/7 Mythic in Emerald Nightmare after taking a ride down Struggle St. Apparently progression is gated behind how much free time people have to spam Mythic+ thanks to Blizzard’s amazing loot system. Considering how most of us are not full-blown losers who watch cute anime all day while doing “+2 carries,” we had to suck it up and walk in the foot-steps of the one true weeb god who tanks for us. Fortunately we managed to catch up this week with some solid kills on the gear-check bosses. (This may or may not have coincided with our GM being out of town xD).

Looking forward we’re excited to push for finishing the instance in the next few weeks and eye-balling another top 100 US placing, but with how stupid this launch has been with regards to time required in game farming herbs & Mythic+, we’re just focused on keeping a good pace for ourselves rather than breaking our sanity to place well with the unnecessary time-sink Legion has been.

We are ACTIVELY seeking an Enhancement Shaman or Ret Paladin for our roster. Apply if you are one of these and we promise a good time. Just don’t play Ele Shaman or our Raid Leader’s unbridled wrath will fall upon you with each individual Chain Lightning spell you cast.

Remember the taste of freedom all ye who enter the cold embrace.

Thanks Blizzard!

It’s almost time. Time for exhilarating new content the likes of which haven’t been seen since raid gear was gated behind 3 month rep grinds and doing something as simple as changing specs or talents was just a bit of gold or a vendor item. Hopefully everyone is ready for the party and not planning on playing offspecs in a viable fashion! Also, it’s a good thing hearthing is down to a 15 minute cooldown so that people can switch between single target and cleave talents. Forking out hundreds or thousands of gold per attempt so that we can swap talents inside the instance is stupid so we’re just gonna waste time in between progression pulls by going to a city! 👌👌👌

Now that Summer is over, we’re recovering from the Summertime blues(see also: everyone quitting or going on vacation). Several of our longtime and newer raiders have hit the old dusty trail and freed themselves from the bonds of virginlorddom. We’d like to thank all these awesome dudes who were not only key to our success this expansion, but also made our players strive to not be dogshit:


We’d also like to give a massive shout out to Bury. We know things got complicated, misunderstandings happened and feelings were hurt, and we stand on opposite sides of the bridge now, but you got us off the ground when we started fresh in November and took a ton of shit to the face in order to do it. We may not even be here right now as Good Talk if you had not taken the helm then. So despite what the situation currently is we are grateful for everything you’ve done for us in Despotism and Good Talk. Cheers.

So moving forward, we plan to hit the ground running to be the best 2-night guild in the U.S. Bliz may be stacking things against us as a more casually-inclined guild, but we’ve been recruiting talented players and making lots of plans for how we will be more competitive than ever before, while still not turning this game into a side-job. Hardcore raiding in 2016 LUL. Sweetleaf and Eppi have stepped forward as officers and our core raiders have been putting in work to ensure we’re ready. We are definitely going to be playing a higher level than ever before. Except maybe Koso.

With that said, good luck to everyone in Legion! May all your memes be spicy and your sins be forgiven by Harambe’s noble sacrifice.

Mounts, Sales, and Gold Rolls. Oh my.


It’s been a long time since we had a front page post, it’s almost like we never changed GMs. Then again, Bury was mia from raids for 3 weeks, so I guess maybe it can be considered tradition now? Anyways, how about a guild update…

We are no longer <Despotism>. We killed Mythic Archimonde back in November and decided to reform. After much deliberation and voting, we renamed under the banner of <Good Talk>, irregardless of how much Angrygnome was whining about guild names. We’ve been clearing HFC every week since our original kill. Since then, we’ve discovered that in actuality, Iskar is the true final boss, but we attribute that to drunk tanks and ele shamans.
Congratulations to everyone who has been able to sit through mind-numbing weeks of farming HFC to obtain their mounts! We are now officially selling them! Contact Yasmir for prices on them, as well as other things we sell for in-game gold and items. Don’t cancel on him, though, or you may have to relocate your family.
We are currently prepping for Legion, with many people playing Alpha, testing classes, and totally not capping artifact power with bugged chests. We plan to have a lot of things in place for Legion once we reach Summer in anticipation of it releasing hopefully this year. We’ll be seeing a lot more competition as 2 night raiding guilds are increasing in number as more and more people realize they can’t stand playing the game more than twice a week, but like any addictive substance breaking the habit is about as hard as taking Fel Surge to the stack point. (Almost impossible) We may have been 2nd at the end of HFC for 2 night guilds, but we’ll bounce back with greater dedication and veracity to bopping bosses to take back our top spot. Expect us. Until then, we will continue to log in once a week to fill our pockets with gold and then watch Jnkz leave raid with far less because goddamn he just loves giving us his gold.
Recruitment is not currently open, however, we will always consider amazing players looking for a light raid schedule. Or people for Rilos to abuse. No one is safe anymore. Also, trying to make a long post on here without it getting squished into a small shitty paragraph was impossible. Enjoy your awkward lines so that the wall of text doesn’t screw your eyes. <3